RFX specialises in high precision OCXOs with exceptional performance from minimum package sizes, delivering high stability, excellent phase noise and low ageing including GPS synchronised and PLL variants with both standard and custom designs. In addition, we also manufacture standard and custom clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs.

Our quartz crystal division RFX Laptech manufactures precision quartz crystals for oscillator manufacturers worldwide and for specialist quartz resonator applications.  As well as many years’ experience in the lapping and polishing of quartz substrates, Laptech also offer lapping and polishing of other materials including plastics and metals. Typical items include valves seats, actuators, gears, waveguides, supports etc. For single sided lapping we can accommodate parts up to 230mm diameter and also offer double side lapping and polishing which has some advantages in obtaining parallelism to within a few microns.

RFX Crystals for Wildlife Tags and General tracking

Crystals for Wildlife Tags and General Tracking

Laptech Precision has been manufacturing custom crystals for transmitter tags for over 30 years. Typical applications include the tracking of both humans such as medical patients that require lifesaving location monitoring and wildlife including insects, reptiles, mammals, birds and fish.

Small size, low weight and high reliability are key features of our tracking crystals which are also optimised for high sensitivity at low drive levels, essential for extended battery life and responsiveness. Typical designs are in the 145 to 175MHz range and include 3rd overtone LT5 packages that are manufactured in quantities as low as 3 per channel depending on there being a tight enough channel distribution. Applications also use Fundamental mode 3.2mm x 2.5mm SM packages in quantities as low as 100 pieces per channel. 

Currently we are developing a 3rd overtone 6.0 x 3.5mm SMD package that will allow a significant reduction in weight (from 250mg down to 60mg) compared to the LT5 package with the obvious potential benefits for the wildlife tagging and general tracking markets. 

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