30 June 2023

RFX launches next generation PT560-10-GPS OCXO

RFX Group has announced a complete redesign of it’s well established PT560-10-GPS surface mount OCXO range which now features a long term satellite locked temperature stability combined with a 20% reduction in both footprint and height. 

Operating at 10MHz, the new design offers a GPS locked long term temperature stability of ±0.001 ppb or reverts to ±20ppb over –40 to 70 degrees C if unlocked. Delivering a 7dBm Sinewave output from 5V DC supply, load change performance has also improved from ±10ppb down to ±5ppb based on a 10% load change whilst the new package now measures 24.2 x 22.5mm with a height of only 9.1mm.

Digital systems are affected by phase noise in the time domain as jitter and the lower the phase noise, the lower the jitter. Communication systems see the effect of phase noise in signal bandwidth with lower phase noise resulting in lower bandwidth requirements, which in turn can affect channel width. Furthermore, high-performance radar systems rely on the detection of extremely faint return signals from the target and the lower the phase noise, the sharper the return and greater the range. The new PT560-10-GPS OCXO utilizes an SC-cut crystal optimized for low noise which alongside other design characteristics gives far-out phase noise down to -168dBc/Hz at 100KHz and close-in phase noise at 120dBc/Hz at 10 Hz.

The PT560 also meets vibration, mechanical and thermal shock to MIL standard 202F and is fully RoHS compliant. The flexible nature of the design means that specification variations to conform to almost any application can be readily developed to meet individual customer requirements. This includes variants that are compliant with international Stratum 3/3E (per GR1244) standards.

RFX’s products are used in a multitude of worldwide applications and this next generation model is suitable for satellite navigation and positioning systems, mobile telephone base stations, system networks including ATM, SDH, STM, Sonet, WAN and LAN Networks and precision measuring equipment.

For further details on the new PT560-10-GPS OCXO along with RFX’s full range of precision quartz crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs and PLL Oscillators, please visit www.rfx.co.uk.

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